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The college offers both Honours Course (HC) and Regular Course (RC) both under graduate level. The courses are designed by the Gauhati University Under the Choice Based Credit System’ (CBCS)

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS):-

       Gauhati University introduced the choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the academic. Session 2019- 20, In accordance with the UGC’s guide line, the Courses are categorized as Core Course, Elective Course and Ability Enhancement Courses.

An undergraduate Degree Programme with Honours in a discipline will have a Requirement of 148 course. Credit while an undergraduate Degree Programme without honours (Regular  course) will require 132 Course credits. Course requirements for completion of Degree.


Minimum requirements


Undergraduate Degree with Honours

14  core papers in the discipline

2  Ability enhancement Compulsory Course

2 Skill Enhancement Course.

4 Discipline Specific Elective

4 Generic Elective Papers


Subjects offered for Honours Course (HC) :

Subjects :

Assamese                 Political Science               Philosophy

Education                 Economics

Subjects offered for Regular Course (RC) :

Adv. Assamese     Education     History     Philosophy

Economics           Political science         English

Core Course:- Core course is compulsory. An Honours will have to take 14 core Courses and a Regular Student will have 12 Core Courses. Each Core Course is of 6 Credits.

Elective Course:- It can be chosen by the students from various subjects offered by the college. Elective Course is of following types:

     (1) Discipline Specific Elective Course (DSE)

      (2) Generic Elective Course (GE)

Ability Enhancement Course (AEC)

Ability Enhancement Course is two types :

(1) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC – mandatory 4 credits

( II) Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) 4 credits.

The course is skill based and designed by the Gauhati University for each discipline.

Scholarship :- There will be provision of Scholarship for SC, ST, OBC, MOBC, Minority and meritorious Students as per  Government guidelines.

Library: – There is a central library in the college Campus. The college library aims at helping the students in proper understanding of various disciplines .It prepares  them for advance studies and for shouldering the responsibilities in future life.

Faculty profile: Teaching and Non-Teaching